PBS LearningMedia Features Resources to Promote Active Learning

It’s time for summer sports!  Whether on the track, in the pool, or in the classroom, every champion needs a great teacher. This week, PBS LearningMedia serves up a collection of athletic-focused resources to help you prep your champions for success:

Team Motherboard’s Cyber Olympic Strategy (Grades 3-5) Team MotherBoard uses trial and error to figure out their best strategy for winning the Olympics. They add different combinations of individual times for the obstacle course, run, and swim.

Tae Kwon Do (Grades 4-6) Join young black belts as they examine how to refine their Tae Kwon Do kicks. Use the scientific method to determine which positions produce the strongest kicks.

Bats & Books  (Grades 4-9) Hear favorite author Jerry Spinelli explain why sports and books shouldn’t be mutually exclusive — as in the case of his character Maniac Magee — and that young athletes can become readers as well.

Kid Inventor: The Collapsible Lacrosse Stick  (Grades K-8) Many inventions are born of a need to easily store or transport an item. In this video segment from ZOOM, a young inventor named Lauren explains the motivation behind her collapsible lacrosse stick.

How the Body Responds to Exercise (Grades 6-12) Meet a group of runners preparing for a marathon and learn what effect their running has on the cardiovascular system.

CYBERCHASE Resource Set on the connection between Math and Sports

Kids love sports, and sports are rich with opportunities to use numbers, find patterns, and diagram winning strategies – important math skills on which you can build.

This resource set will allow you to explore the math in the episodes while having fun working with kids.  These materials are great for teachers, after school program staff, or even parents and caregivers!

Visit the Math and Sports Classroom Resource Set to access links to all of the Cyberchase resources like guided activities, printables, and links to online games.

Here’s just one activity to get you started!

Activity: Play Slugball!
Episode: Chaos as Usual
Description: Kids collect and use data in a game of “Slugball”, an indoor ball game, to predict what a player is likely to do next.
Math Topic: Data Collection