Don’t forget about PBS Video for streaming the latest programs online

We thought it was worth a reminder that PBS Video online is a great resources for streaming the most recent PBS content.  Whether you’re a fan of Downton Abbey who tuned in to the Super Bowl or you’d like to show the latest Independent Lens or NOVA to your class, this a great place to visit to catch anything you missed or see your favorites again.  PBS Video has a great streaming app for iPad, so you can take your favorites on the road with you too!

As your internet connections get stronger in the classroom, we encourage you to give streaming video a try.  Looking for a biggest library of content?  Make sure to check out PBS LearningMedia!

Watch Your Favorite Shows on PBS Video Beta

PBS Video Beta

Are you a fan of PBS shows but often find out about recent episodes a bit too late?  With PBS Video Beta, you can find lots of recently aired shows available for free streaming.  You can explore videos by program title (e.g. Nature, NOVA, Frontline, Independent Lens, etc.) or by collections categorized by topic (e.g. In the Wild, Be Green, Ancient Worlds, etc.).  Features on PBS Video allow you to e-mail content to others, “Like” content on Facebook, or even embed video into websites.

This is a great way to find content that you can use in your classrooms too.  You can always use the search feature if you’re looking for a specific topic.

To try out PBS Video, click here.