WGBY celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week

This week, WGBY would like to acknowledge Teacher Appreciation Week. We recognize that, often times, a teacher’s work is taken for granted by our society.  We read the headlines that highlight struggles of educators including (but not limited to) lay-offs, merit-based pay, standardized testing, under-resourced schools, among many other important issues.  Molding young minds and inspiring interest in furthering their knowledge is an occupation that, though not handsomely compensated in pay, can be rewarding in a different way.  Seeing students go on to great things and knowing you were a part of their path has been described to us by teachers as a source of incredible pride and accomplishment.  We hope you know that each one of you is an inspiration, motivating us to work hard for you and provide the best support we can.

To all the educators around our region, WGBY thanks you for your hard work and dedication!


Image from Cognitive Psychology