Fun Way for Pre-Schoolers to Learn Important Lessons

pPBS3-15684338regHere is a new DVD that contains six short, separate episodes, each designed to help pre-schoolers develop their understanding of some of life’s important lessons.

Big Kid Caillou – Caillou learns a lesson about the importance of not hiding who you really are;  Caillou’s Glasses — Caillou learns the importance of good vision after playing with a pair of pretend glasses; Caillou’s Dance Party — Caillou learns there’s more than one way to do things; Helping Mrs. Howard — Caillou learns that friendship is often the best form of help; Caillou’s Fun Run — Caillou learns that winning isn’t everything in a race; The New Girl — Caillou welcomes a new girl at preschool after remembering what it was like to be “the new kid.”

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