Literature Resources from PBS LearningMedia

Toni Morrison Interview Screenshot

Currently on the home page of PBS Learning Media, you’ll find a panoramic picture well of resources for literature ranging from Toni Morrison to children’s literature.  Many of these resources also include related content:

Eeyore’s Books for Children (4-7):  Understand how working in a bookstore helped Brian Selznick learn about children’s literature and launch his career as a children’s book illustrator.

Toni Morrison on Paradise (6-13+):  Discover how Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winning author Toni Morrison creates a sense of place in her novels and examine her typical writing rituals and processes.

The Recreation of the Globe Theater (6-13+):  Learn about the re-creation of Shakespeare’s Globe Theater in London and consider how architecture can affect the craft of performance.

Literary Elements (9-12)  What is a literary element? Find the answer in this video segment that highlights the personal and artistic life of Walt Whitman.

Great Expectations 3:  Happily Ever After? (9-13+)  This video excerpt is the moving, final scene from the 2012 MASTERPIECE adaptation of Charles Dickens’s novel when Pip, returned to his humble origins, hears that Estella, now a widow, has returned to Satis House.

Anita Silvey (K-12)   Discover that young adult literature of today differs from the adult literature from the past 20 years, with teenagers preferring paranormal fiction to realistic fiction.