UMASS Amherst Offers Science Quest

SCIENCE QUEST at UMass Amherst
SATURDAY, OCTOBER 27 (9:30am-3:40pm)

Integrated Science Building (ISB)
University of Massachusetts
661 North Pleasant Street
Amherst, MA 01003

UMASS welcomes high school-aged students to visit campus and participate in a range of exciting science-based activities, presentations, demonstrations, experiments, and research lab tours.  Please follow the link above for the list of offerings, registration link, and all the event information.

In addition to engaging in science activities, students will hear  from a UMass admissions representative about the UMass application process, and from a panel of UMass science undergraduates about what it is like to study at UMass.  Students will have ample opportunities to have all of their questions answered.

Teachers:  Feel free to plan a field trip and bring your students to Science Quest!

Science Quest also offers:
* FREE Registration
* FREE Parking
* FREE Lunch
* PDPs for teachers who bring their students

For questions, please contact Mike Westort at 413-577-0164

Professional Development: UMASS Earth and Space Science Summer Institute

When: Tuesday and Wednesday, August 14 – 15, 2012, 9:00 to 3:30 each day

Where: UMass Amherst

Audience: Middle and High School Teachers

The Earth and Space Science summer institute, sponsored by NSF and the STEM Education Institute at UMASS, will develop an understanding of planetary accretion and evolution and the place of the Earth in the solar system.  The following are some of the topics that will be covered:


  • Making a planet: from elements to dust to planetesimals
  • Why are there volcanoes?
  • What do we see in NASA photos?
  • What is the lifetime of a planet?

 Along the way, they will cover pertinent topics in mathematics, including units and converting units, scale and dimensional analysis, scientific notation and significant figures.  After the course, participants are encouraged to develop curriculum units that will be uploaded to the course website, edited as a group, and piloted during the school year. This material will be available for other teachers to use (with the writer’s permission) via a course website.  Participants will receive an $80/day stipend ($160 total) and free PDPs (no graduate credit). 

Application process: Teachers should prepare a brief narrative statement of how they intend to use the institute materials in
their classroom. They should also include in their application package a recent resume and a letter of support from their school
principal or superintendent.  Please see their website for an application form, due April 1.

Note: WGBY is not affiliated with this professional development opportunity.  As a partner of the PVSTEMNET, WGBY is interested in passing along this opportunity to all interested teachers.  Please contact the organizers directly for details.

The 3rd Annual PVSTEMNET Showcase and Symposium on November 9th at Holyoke Community College


The Pioneer Valley Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Network (PV STEMNET) is inviting school, college, and business representatives to attend its 3rd Annual Showcase and Symposium, scheduled for November 9th, 2011, from 3:00 – 5:00 PM, in rooms 301 and 303 of the Michael Kittredge Center, at Holyoke Community College, Homestead Avenue, Holyoke, Massachusetts.


PV STEMNET will be showcasing all types of STEM programs and initiatives in the Pioneer Valley – especially those that link schools with colleges and the business world. Of particular interest this year are initiatives that focus on “alternative energy” programs in the Pioneer Valley.  WGBY will be on hand to present our latest resource for educators: PBS LearningMedia.


For additional information, contact Kathy Baker,

Supporting STEM Teaching & Learning Through Communities Fellowship Information Meeting

Fellowship Program Information Meeting

Monday, October 24, 2011
4:30 – 5:30 p.m.
Marks Meadow (adjacent to Furcolo Hall)
Room 167

S2TLC is a five-year NSF-funded partnership of the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Greenfield, Holyoke, and Springfield public schools, the Mahar Regional school district and the Hitchcock Center. The project will build and support a community and pipeline of STEM educators that explore deep content knowledge, inquiry-based and culturally responsive practices, and the integration of technology in grades 6-12 mathematics and science classrooms. Face-to-face and virtual communities of practice are hallmarks of the project that will connect teachers in western Massachusetts during and beyond the project.      Master Teaching Fellows are being recruited on the basis of their potential to assume leadership in the direction of highly successful collaborations among mathematics and science educators. Teaching Fellows will enter an accelerated program for their Master’s degree and licensure for teaching in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics) field. Master Teaching Fellow (MTFs) candidates are successful grades 6-12 mathematics and science teachers from Springfield, Holyoke, Greenfield, or Mahar. To be eligible, MTFs must already have a Master’s degree and licensure to teach mathematics or science in their district. Teaching Fellows will be recruited on the basis of the equivalent of an undergraduate degree in one of the STEM areas and their commitment to working in high needs schools. Additional requirements may be found on the project website.



Event: UMASS Amherst offers free Science Quest for high school students and groups


For high school students interested in science, Science Quest is a great opportunity to visit the UMass campus, engage in hands-on science activities and demonstrations, and see presentations by UMass faculty members.  Students can discover how nanoscale devices and materials are made, or how a crumpled piece of paper can help explain principles of energy and matter.  Or, they may choose a mini-course on the political as well as technological aspects of modern energy sources such as biofuels, solar energy and fuel cells.  Also a panel of UMass undergraduate science students will discuss what it is like to be a science major at UMass, and a group of students will discuss their brand new iCons program. The event is FREE.  Each attendee must register individually to choose their own agenda.  Students may attend on their own, with a parent, or as part of a school group with a teacher.  Teachers are welcome to bring their science classes for a field trip!

Science Quest also offers:

  • FREE Registration
  • FREE Parking
  • FREE Lunch
  • Stipend and PDPs for teachers who bring their class
  • Travel support for buses to/from campus

For more information and how to register: visit