Violent Weather – Good Topic for Summer Learning

imagesTornadoes, hurricanes, floods… In addition to all the recent rain, New England has had its share of more violent weather!  WGBY has 50 videos and DVDS devoted to these more violent aspects of our weather. Some of these programs cover historic events, such as big floods and hurricanes during the late 1930s, as well as more recent storms like Katrina in 2005.  Check out our lending library by going to our lending library site and entering keywords, such as hurricanes, floods or tornadoes. You may borrow up to three titles for a month, with the option to extend the loan period if necessary.

Lesson Plan Feature: “Exploring Weather” with The Cat In The Hat

In this lesson plan, children will investigate weather in the context of their own environments and keep a weather chart over time. They also will be introduced to weather phenomena specific to the colder months of the year and associated with low temperatures. If it is winter and if children live in places where winter is cold, they will go outside to explore ice, frost, and snow. But regardless of where children live and the time of year, all children will investigate what happens to water at different temperatures as it freezes and melts.

Age: Children ages 3-6

This lesson plan includes hands-on experiments, video clips about weather, recording observations activities, and reading suggestions.



DINOSAUR TRAIN celebrates Weather Week February 6-10

It’s a T. Rex-sized weather phenomenon! Four new episodes of Dinosaur Train for “Weather Week,” February 6-10. Buddy and his family learn all about how earthquakes, forest fires, droughts and hurricanes affect animals and the environment.

 Don’t panic! Mom, Dad and Mr. Conductor have excellent advice on how to stay safe during a variety of different weather events. Download activity sheets for each kind of weather explored on the show:

Don’t forget to download the Nature Trackers Challenge for January: Weather Watchers.  Catch Dinosaur Train weekdays at 9:30am and 2:00pm on WGBY.

DINOSAUR TRAIN’s January Nature Trackers Club Challenge

Dinosaur TrainGet ready for Weather Week with the January Nature Trackers Club Challenge! Join the Dinosaur Train Nature Trackers Club to receive a new nature themed challenge for families every month.  This January, become a Weather Watcher and try to forecast the weather in your neighborhood.  Go outside and observe the temperature, wind speed, precipitation and cloud cover.  Record your data each time you observe and after a few days, see if you can predict the next day’s weather! 

This activity can work great in preschool classrooms as well.