Video Lending Library Feature: Summer Learning new words with WORD GIRL

Want to educate and entertain youngsters, pre K-2,  during these summer days? Why not let them watch this new Word Girl DVD?  Miss Power, along with her sidekick, Colonial Giggle Cheeks, is new in town. Is she a friend or a foe? She uses mean words against others and is certified bully! Will Word Girl be able to defeat Miss Power and save the city without sinking to her level?  Bonus: “A World Without Word Girl.”  The video introduces 16 new vocabulary words.  Borrow this DVD: The Rise of Ms Power from the WGBY Collection at the Springfield Public Library.

PBS Kids GO Celebrates Halloween!

On Friday, October 28th, join WGBY and PBS Kids GO to celebrate Halloween with all of our spookiest shows.  All of your kids’ favorites: Arthur, Word Girl, Fetch!, and Wild Kratts will be bringing their tricks and treats for an afternoon marathon of ghoulish fun!

Before you watch together, visit the program websites to find fun activities that you might try together:

Word Girl


Wild Kratts

Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman