Lending Library Feature: The Ghost Army — World War II American Artists & Filmakers

imagesHere is the story of a secretive U. S. Army division during World War II made up of artists, illustrators, film makers and sound effects technicians. their mission: create fake army activity to mislead the German army.  Their cleverness and trickery in making fake tanks and trucks seem real helped save countless lives. This dramatic story is told using still photos,  archival footage and gripping interviews with men who were there. DVD format. Borrow this video, The Ghost Army (I.D. 2373) for a month by clicking here

Video Lending Library Feature: View of World War II from the Home Front

From the war plants with Rosie the Riveter, to Bob Hope and countless other show business stars entertaining the troops, America Goes to War illuminates the many dark and glorious memories of the Home Front war effort during World War II. Highlighted by music of the times, newsreel footage, and other media of the times, the video reveals how the idea of isolation ended and how vast social, economic and political changes swept the nation. Borrow “America Goes to War” (ID 2222, 300 minutes) from the WGBY Collection at the Springfield Public Library.

Video Lending Libary Feature: TOP SECRET ROSIES

Top Secret RosiesMost folks have heard of “Rosie the Riveter” but few know about a group of female math graduates who contributed an intellectual weapon to help win World War II. Six women mathematicians tell how they put their math skills to work solving complex artillery problems using the tools of the day. And when the electronic computer came along, these women were tapped to be its first programmers.  The captivating film, Top Secret Rosies, is available to borrow from WGBY’s Video Lending Library service.  Check it out, ID# 2058, through the Lending Library website today.  We distribute our tapes to most locations within western Massachusetts through the Western Massachusetts Regional Library Delivery Service, who either drops off the borrowed tapes at your school or a school library or public library close to you.

Top Secret Rosies is our feature in celebration of Women’s History Month.  The Library of Congress has a great selection of classroom resources for teaching about influential women in American history–including military veterans, musicians, and a former First Lady.