Highlighting Math Model Curriculum Units (MCUs)

Math_land_5-288x162National Math Month in April is coming up quickly. Why not try out a math MCU?  The current collection of MCUs contains over 20 in math, spanning the PK-4 through high school.  Ratios, Rates, and Percents, a 6th grade MCU, was given a rating of Exemplar by Achieve, an independent organization dedicated to education reform. Other examples of MCUs — all of which include a curriculum embedded performance assessment, lesson plans, and digital resources — include Math Grade 1 Power of Ten and Math HS Modeling Exponential and Logarithmic Functions.

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Martha Speaks For Thanksgiving and Literacy

indexProduced by WGBH in Boston, Martha Speaks is a fantastic PBS Kids program that takes its name from a beloved dog, Martha, who can talk.  Why?  Because she eats alphabet soup!  And with so many letters in her head, Martha effectively teaches children new vocabulary words, some of which will astonish you.

At the start of the holiday season, children will immediately warm to the family-themed MARTHA’S THANKSGIVING, a special episode where Martha searches for her long-lost canine family as her owner, Helen, has an extended family coming together for Thanksgiving.   The program airs on WGBY this Monday, November 25, and again on Thanksgiving Day at 6:30am, a time that usually finds kids ready to start their day!

Parents and teachers don’t have to rise early to discover the great learning resources that accompany Martha Speaks.  At the Martha Speaks Parent and Teacher’s  website, you’ll find expert research and activities as well as curriculum for Martha Speaks Reading Buddies and Martha Speaks Read Aloud Book Club — all great resources that support students oral vocabulary growth.