PBS KIDS Lab and Suites of New Games

PBS Kids LabParents and teachers are often looking for a quick and easy spot that aggregates public media’s games and learning materials for children.  The PBS Kids Lab, a collaboration of PBS and Boston’s WGBH Children’s Media, has just launched such a website.

The Lab offers parents and educators a guide to the current and growing array of Ready to Learn educational games, home activities, and classroom activities featuring Curious George, Sid the Science Kid, The Cat in the Hat, The Electric Company, and Fizzy’s Lunch Lab.

For example, a suite of 16 Curious George mathematics games for ages PreK-K has just been created under the umbrella title ‘George’s Busy Day’ that launched first on the Curious George website. As George does fun things like catching bugs and bubbles or apple picking, kids learn key counting and number skills that address Common Core Mathematics Standards:

  • Bug Catcher:  When catching bugs, the important thing is to get the most!  Kids help George figure out which group of bugs is bigger, and then catch them with the learning goal of counting and comparing two sets of numbers to see which set has more or less.
  • Apple Picking:   Numbered apples are floating in the water on their way to the cider press.  Kids help George and Jumpy grab the right ones to fill the gaps in the apple number line.  The learning goal in this game is to use number lines to identify missing numbers up to 29.

You can browse all Kids Lab games to find specific ones by age, skills, devices and more.

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